I have been a huge proponent of hands-on learning for many years now--if students' hands are engaged, then so are their brains. Recent research has backed up the assertion that if students are coloring, doodling, cutting, or folding, they retain more of the information (check out this reader-friendly article on the topic from scholastic on the subject).

My ELA Color-By-Number Task Cards combine coloring with review. Teachers can place task cards around the classroom to add movement to the mix. As students find a task card, they color in the answer on their Color-By-Number Answer Sheet. When students finish, give them a colored in answer sheet so that they can check themselves and review the ones they missed.

An added bonus is that the sentence topics and coloring sheets are thematic, so students can learn about a specific subject as they review. Topics so far include the Liberty Bell, the Bill of Rights, St. Patrick's Day, and the U.S. Election Process. I am still adding to the collection. Be sure to grab a free one here.

Be sure to check out what I have so far:

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