Secret Pictures

Secret Pictures are a surprisingly rigorous hands-on activity to engage students in grammar review. Words are distributed on a grid, and students are asked to consider whether a word is always, sometimes, or never a particular part of speech.

It's best for students to complete these activities in pairs, so they can discuss the words. They will discuss the many different ways a particular word can be used. Take for instance the word "well." If students are trying to decide whether "well" is always, sometimes, or never a noun, they would think of examples of different ways it can be used.

They might say, "You can draw water from a well, so that's a thing--it's a noun. But is it always a noun? You can do something well, or you can say, 'well, that was fun.' Those are three different ways to use that word. So well is sometimes a noun."

Then they would color the box containing the word "well" the specified color for "sometimes." When students complete the activity, a secret picture appears.

Be sure to try the free samples I've included here. And don't forget to check out the ones I've created so far:

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